Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Guess who dropped in today?

This was not a promising start water lapping the road out of Bubwith and winds gusting to 40mph!
terrible gloomy light and not many birds noted on the water.

 Then from 11am onward i had some surprising company (surprising for here anyway)

 If only the light was better distance blah blah etc etc!
Thenanother nice surprise the arrival of Andrew Kisby in the flesh strange as we had shared messages over the last  4 years but never actually met (top birder!!)

 20+ Whoopers and a family of 21 long tailed tits kept us entertained.

10+ Golden plover, and numerous Tufteds Wigeon and Teal also noted.Back tomorrow roads permitting.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

What swimming stroke do moles use?

After an appallingly long delay i have finally found some time to update this blog!!
sorry for the delay.

The water arrived with a vengeance and flooded out the North Duffield Carrs.

Greated by lots of Black headed gulls who were picking off the poor unfortunate voles and shrews who were in a state thanks to all the water,

Kingfisher wizzing around in front of the hide was a nice surprise but was clearly in a state due to all the water in the wrong place.

You can just make out the River Derwent starting to burst its banks.Then as the water started to rise I noticed this poor Mole attempting to escape the rising water levels, (made it today but not sure about tomorrow)

Water Rail flew in to roost just as I was leaving.

Tomorrow arrived and this was the scene.

 Gargeney hide suffering from a little rising damp!!

 Lots of Wrens darting around and nice to see that the Stonechats were still doing well.
Distant Peregrine and Buzzard were on the prowl.

 Lots of distant Mutes and Whoopers and Pintail in top shape. Gadwal Wigeon Teal and Lapwing in good number as were shovelor and Tufted.

Will be back tomorrow to see if it's any higher.