Saturday, 15 June 2013

Yellow Peril.

 As i have said previously May June are a little difficult to report on as birds and other wildlife are well on with their first batch of offspring and the last thing i want to do is disturb them or highlight their location to, lets say persons who lack the skills to appreciate our countryside!. A quick walk around the local patch and as you will see from above the buttercups are in full bloom (Not the yellow peril! Oilseed rape).

 Rewarded with this Skylark at one of my usual spots.

 Oyster catchers showing well but no sign of a brood yet.

 Sadly Greenfinches are few and far between around my local patch they used to be 10 a penny.

 This hare was a nice spot but what you might not see is not only his partner to the right but the fact that all the wood pigeons had completely surrounded him/her. (very odd)
And a new visitor on my garden feeders this morning!
Unseasonal weather as usual, temperature nowhere near where it should be and gusty winds but thats not going to stop me.

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