Monday, 5 August 2013

Golden Oriole....

Early morning and came across 6-8 of these in the distant oak trees. branch in the wrong place as usual.Also had two Turtle doves.

 Flock of about 20 of these on the way home.

 And these still hanging around the garden.


  1. your garden is certainly turning up trumps on the costa del bubwith!! ;)

  2. Cheers Andy,
    More to follow from the centre of France what a place for birding, I am actually starting to like the French.

  3. I see lesser spotted exist there! I was alerted to a nest (outside york) by the time I arrived the imaginary birds had fledged and buggered off! Bogey bird or what?!

  4. Hi Andy,
    Have had lessers on Skipwith common (sands lane)

    nice work with the Egret!!

    might have a look for that one.