Saturday, 30 March 2013

Stuck on another front!

Not sure if its coincidence but I seem to get caught between weather fronts, Yesterday was typical had a walk around a few local spots despite the cold wind the fields were full of life. A good size flock (150) of mixed birds revealed Chaffinch and Yellowhammer. The odd Linnet and Corn Bunting also making up the numbers.
Curlew were distant about 7-8 and plenty of Mad march hares out and about. Two large brown rats were busy and huge flocks of both Wood, Feral,and racing pigeons were trying to find food on the ground.I also noted a flock of about (30) Redwing and Fieldfare still hanging around.

Still got huge numbers of Wigeon,Teal and Tufted's and a surprising number of Shovelor's.

Oyster catchers in evidence and good numbers of the more common Mallard,Heron etc.
Then the snow came down!! like I said I seem to get stuck on theses weather fronts?!"$%£

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