Saturday, 2 March 2013


What a cracking day the weather was superb!!!

Woke up to the sound of a lovely song thrush singing away on a neighbours roof and on looking across the ings at Bubwith could see at least 70 Whooper Swans in the disance,Pochard,Teal and ever present Wigeon were all in good numbers.

Decided to sit and fiddle with one of my cameras settings whilst I had a cup of tea (big mistake) see below.

Made my way over to the bridge at Bubwith expecting to see an increase in the massive wader population I had been watching last week but no joy but for 100+ Lapwing and some airborne Dunlin that was it.

Water dropping like a stone where has it all gone?

Not much doing really so after a quick chat with the ever Knowledgeable AWBIRDER who was also out and about on the patch I decided to try for some Corn bunts on one of my boltholes. No joty there either except for this lot.

Manged to hit on this Buzzard but as soon as I tried to get closer he was off.
Made my way to Aughton but again other than the usual Great tit and a nice bunch of Long tailed tits there was very little about.Did notice though that these gulls were playing in the thermals in large numbers.

Made my way back to Bubwith and now the song thrush had gone but loads and loads of Skylarks, Spring must be here!!!

managed to spot these four villains looking for an easy meal.

Back to the bridge and a quick look back over the ings nice to see the 70+ Whoopers still there and lots of Lapwings picked out a stunning male pintail and decided for a top shot well it would have been if i had not have forgotten to reset the camera!!!!! Doh!!!! Its the closest i have ever got to a pintail.

Wigeon would have been good too!!!!

Back over the bridge but still no waders but I am sure they will be back I am sure I will be!!

Not sure this helps....


  1. Lots of them have relocated to Wheldrake Ings, I had 4 Black Tailed Godwits there on saturday along with loads of lapwing, dunlin & 5 curlew. Also 2 male Scaup there and apparantly this weekend 5 whitefronts (didnt see them). You'll need wellies though its pretty boggy up there!

  2. Nice one Andy I thought the bridge end was dead!!

    Had curlew today plus lapwing but not much else.