Thursday, 11 April 2013

Spring is here!!! nearly..

Started with this odd ipit!! looked odd in the sun anyway probably go for Meadow.

Started out with nothing in mind only to follow the blue sky that had suddenly arrived. Ended up at North Cave and WOW! what a place this is going to be in a few months, its brilliant now but with all the developments and work going on this is going to be the norths premier birding spot.

Little Ringed Plover was a joy to watch competing with dozens of Redshank and Pied Wagtails, for all the newly arrived flies and insects.
 A sudden influx of  Chiff Chaff is always a good sign that summer is on its way.
 And this Black Tailed Godwit was a bonus.
 Him again!!
 Even the basic birds started to look good in the sunshine.
Oh and Him....

All in all not a bad collection of birds for the day I did have some others on the way to north cave but given the time of year and all that i think i will keep these for another day!

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