Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Peregrine or Kestrel?

When is a kestrel not a kestrel? When its a peregrine.

Had an amazing 3 hours late afternoon watching this peregrine which was behaving in a very odd way.
It was hovering like a Kestrel and then landing in ankle deep water trying to what I can only assume was to flush out some prey.

The photos are untouched and not that great as the bird was over 500 yards away.

Also had a stunning Marsh harrier,2 roe deer and 2 hares.


  1. brilliant, always nice to see birds doing something different. I had a buzzard doing the hovering you describe in cornwall on the way down, really wierd as it looked so ungainly!

  2. Cheers Andy it was odd this one, I have seen buzzards do this but never peregrines and in the grass below the bird was a Marsh Harrier!!!

  3. Brill, marshies seem to be avoiding me at the moment not seen one this year! Hope they return to their previous roost before the floods

  4. Cheers Andy,
    They are out there, not in the numbers we had last year but its early days yet,also another treat out there but this is not the place to disclose that! if you know what i mean.