Monday, 27 May 2013

Skylarks Galore!!

Spent most of yesterday watching first two Coal tits systematically devouring my bird seed in the garden and then second watching a great tit trying to dodge 3 cats as it fed its young in a nest it had made in a stone greek wine vessel which was actually on the floor!!!  Why do they build nests in the most inappropriate places?

Today I stayed local and came across these two enjoying themselves on a local pond..

Linnets were well happy calling in the trees and then i noticed a huge number of Skylarks there must have been over 50 birds in one field it was amazing to see and so vocal.Also ran into 70-80 greylag goslings it must be a bumper year for them and then two of the biggest Hares I have ever seen (greyhound size) Honest!

Onto the NDC.

Its hard to believe how the North Duffield Carrs have recovered after the hit it took this winter.
 I cant believe this is the same spot that was under water less than 3 months ago.And then onto a real heinz 57 duck god knows what this is a hybrid of?
 Not the same pic it was just nice to see the Terns in the background.
Spent the last hour in the GS hide at north duff and was rewarded with Snipe, Blackcap, Shelduck,Marsh harrier,Curlew,Sedge Warbler and Redshank.

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