Monday, 6 May 2013

Swifts and snakes...

First time out for a couple of weeks due to home and work stuff.Nice to see the Swifts have finally arrived screaming there heads off as they fly through the sky.

Had a walk around the local patch and came across this young snake.

Chiff Chaffs sounding off but very nice then a walk down the lane produced a superb Jay could not get near for a pic but thats twice i have seen this Jay in the same place.
 These two took some getting but it was a joy to watch and listen to them.

 Its a tricky time at the moment I want to keep up to speed with the activity on the area but as you will appreciate as this is in the public domain I can not be too specific about what I see and where i see it.

Will be back out for some more this week.

Thanks for viewing.

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