Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Redwings arrive.

Had a quick walk around the patch today and managed to get onto approx 25-30 Whoopers they were a bit spooked as there was a local shoot in full flow. It did not seem to bother them too much.
Noticed big numbers of wood pigeon crow and starlings all competing for food in the fields.

Male peregrine soon scattered these. Nice to still some dragonflies hanging on not sure what type they are think they are red veined darters but had at least a dozen.

First Redwings of the year feeding on the local hedgerow berries and good numbers of Fielfare (75+)

Skylark and a family of about 6-7 Longtailed tits capped off a nice walk.


  1. Nice photos! I've not been out birding in the LDV for ages now need to get my arse out of bed in the morning! Where did you have the whoopers & is there any sign of water yet?! I had 1 barn owl on the A19 the other day just north of the A163 turnoff and had one at Skipwith a couple of months ago so they are still about!

    1. There are about 30 whoopers in front of the G S hide at N Duffield. The lack of Barn Owls in the LDV is alarming, I have been out about a dozen times in the last month and have yet to see one. None around in my local patch S W of York either.

    2. Thanks Andy, the water levels on the derwent are very low at the minute but i remember moaning about it last year (cast your mind back to the floods) then we had enough water for the whole country. At least it exposes the Otter tracks on the mudflats.

  2. The barn owl situation is very worrying at one point last year there were upto 8 seperate birds just around North Duff and Bubwith. I even know some farmers have put out dead bait for them but to no avail.