Sunday, 24 February 2013

Freezing cold day...

Another bitterly cold day with the wind chill making it feel even colder, started off with this group and then moved on to see a flock of over 50 shelduck this is a common roost that I started watching last year when the numbers were even bigger.

Still got a good sized group of whoopers hanging around and lots of distant pintail and pochard.
pictures heavily cropped and just for the record.

As I was watching these from a distance I had a Tawny owl constantly calling could not spot it but at 11.30 in the morning it was a bit unusual.
Finished off with a spot the GSW competition.
Things are really starting to move in the valley with huge bird numbers coming in on a daily basis, big numbers of tufted duck,teal and wigeon.


  1. Nice one, where was your tawny heard?

    1. Cheers Andy,
      Tawny owl at the side of Aughton church would not shut up but I could not get a visual on it for love nor money.