Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day Out..

Started out with a trip to the local hide (GS at North Duffield) was greeted by a familiar face..
POP Goes the Weasel
Then went down to the hide and watched a Weasel trying to catch a Wren !! Brilliant!!

A slight increase in Water levels and the water is now on the road (passable at the moment) Loads of Teal and Wigeon and 100+ Swans distant in the valley.Two Buzzards soaring kept the local pigeon population on its toes then a high speed flypast by a large Sparrowhawk within 20 feet of the hide, Ketrel was struggling to find food but the local Robins were as vocal as ever.

Five Pintail (4male 1 female) were showing well but distant.

A stunning flock of 50+ Dunlin put on a fine show, as did the huge Lapwing flock.
Very strange to see what looked like a Dunlin (cheers Tim) leading the flock of Lapwing.
Boxing Day Crackers ...12 Long Tailed Tits were looking for food outside the hide.

Then a stunning distant flypast by a Male Marsh Harrier incredible in the sun. The swans at the far end of the valley were too much of a temptation so I decided to up sticks and head off, Not much at Thorganby so i moved on to be rewarded by a bird i have seen once this year and twice last year good to see its doing well..

Four distant Whoopers and at least 2 Bewicks in a line of 30-40 Mutes taking shelter from the wind.
2pm and the weather taking a turn for the worse so i headed off home and noted a large flock of Finches flying across the road Chaffinch and Brambling hope to catch up with them tomorrow,
Also had 150+ Rooks,Blackbird,and over 1000 gulls mainly Black headed and common Tufted Duck and Gadwal were also noted .


  1. Hi Zing,

    Looks like a Dunlin in with the Lapwing


    1. cheers Tim hope you had a great Christmas look forward to meeting up with you when you get back.

  2. Nice one Zing, will hopefully be out and about over the coming days too.

    1. Cheers Andy,not sure where the HH came from i only had male marsh harrier!