Saturday, 29 December 2012

Every cloud has a silver lining.........

5 degrees C  raining and overcast but at least the light is better than yesterday.Birds don't go in when it's wet so I thought what the hell get out in the wet air!

Having read Awbirders blog (Thrushes) was greeted at the GS hide by a superb mistle thrush (don't see enough of these birds here) then into the hide still stacks of H2O but it has dropped a good 10 inches or so. Loads of teal and wigeon as usual mallard Canada geese and grey lags all birds covering up in the driving rain.

Decreasing water levels have now exposed the very top of the laughingly called flood defence's so it is an ideal perch for passing waders,over 500 lapwings about and many standing to attention on the narrow grass strip, several ruff were also noted in with them and at one point up to (16) redshank pleasing as they have been noticeable by their absence of late.Pochard (8) and goldeneye's (6) showed well pintail (4) were stunning especially the male superb bird!

A single shelduck flew through at break neck speed thought it was being pursued by a raptor but alas not.At this point I was joined in the hide by a fellow local birder and ruff  (6) were observed in with the lapwings. Black headed gulls shattering the peace as usual and at this point several long tailed tits were observed outside the hide,

Then for some reason we started to have our attention drawn to the surrounding shrubs and bushes a moorehen plopped into the swollen water and blue tits and wrens were noted, at this point a great tit began to make the sort of song you normally associate with the early part of the year (very odd!) Blackbirds were very agitated and at this point a barn owl flew majestically pasT the hide. Starling's and fieldfare were perched in the distant poplars and at this point my fellow birder noticed a treecreeper working its way up the tree next to the hide (this is a rare bird for here!!!)

Two robins were having a sing off  within ten feet of the hide and the great tit was back in full song


in with the Long tailed tits there was a distinctive but somehow different call I looked up and was amazed to see this little bird working it's way towards me got the bins on it and nearly had a heart attack (this is where it gets tricky)  classic orange streak on crown, and what looked like an eye stripe two options firecrest or goldcrest!!! one fantastic (for here) one MEGA!!!! on reflection my head says goldcrest but I so hope that anybody out there tomorrow will prove me wrong. (please!!)

What a day!!!!

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