Saturday, 15 December 2012

To bird or not to bird?

Not sure what to expect today missed all the weeks action due to work and fog.Was supposed to be xmas shopping so got up and was greeted by superb sunshine yipee!!.

Looked out of the bedroom window stunning view across the ings and then spotted 8-10 Mute swans,100's of Wigeon,Ruff, 2 Black swans yes! 2 stacks of greylags and tufted ducks.Xmas shopping might now be on hold!

Went to the kitchen window usual batch of sparrows tucking into the seeds on the table joined by a lovely festive Robin,Great Tit,Dunnock,Starlings (my god they are loud) Blackbird Blue tit and collared dove then a Marsh tit joined in much to the annoyance of the sparrows.

So do i go xmas shopping?........................
Hit one of my local spots and was rewarded with a splendid flock of Fieldfare, Kestrel hovering was nice to see, then onto the water and was faced with a stiff North Westerly it was strong! as if by magic 6 Bewicks, Distant views of 8 Scaup were a real bonus 4male 4female greylags a plenty and 100s of swans on the far bank mixture of whoopers and mutes.Wigeon and Teal in big numbers as well as Lapwings. Also came across what looked like a very grey Wheatear looked like maybe a cat had encountered it. Loads of Mallards and Shelduck made for a pleasant morning and then i had these on the way back to the car.

Moved onto another favourite spot and had GSW and 2 siskin loads of goldfinches on the local garden feeders and then on the canal 2 dabchicks hunting for insects amongst the reeds, Started to cloud over and could see in the distance that the sun was still out on the carrs so headed back to the GS hide.

Linked up with a couple of regulars at the hide and was amazed to see how still it was. Loads of water and lots of ice,Highlight was watching half a dozen wagtails skate around catching insects.

Later on Wigeon started to appear as if from nowhere and the gull numbers started to build up Pintail was stunning in the sun but out of camera reach. Wrens were very aggresive and active as was the local early warning Blackbird (lets me know when Owls and Raptors are about) 40+ dunlin and loads of Lapwings flew in Barn owl made his usual appearance and rounded off what was a cracking day.

Xmas shopping will have to wait!!!!!!!


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