Monday, 31 December 2012

Weird weather..

A strange end to the year in terms of weather had sun, rain, driving cold wind but the birds were out in force.Usual stuff on the ings as I arrived at the GS hide only to be told that I had just missed a peregrine. (typical me!). Loads of wigeon and teal as well as the stunning pintail which seems to be hanging around, 2-3000 lapwings and just as many gulls are still around seem to come in to roost at about 3-3.30 each day.

not looking good as this weather front moved in.

Wren seemed as busy as ever and an increase in the robin population!!
Still got at least 100 swans in the valley but they are just keeping out of view all but the mutes.
Nearly got the barn owl I was too busy taking pictures of the strange sky.

 Best wishes to all fellow birders and follower for 2013 Hope its a great birding year for you all.

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