Thursday, 3 January 2013

Afternoon two...

Didn't get out until lunchtime so wondered where to go thought I would check out a few less well known areas on the patch wellies on and off we go...

Noticed huge flocks of woodpigeon (700+) on the outskirts of the village and a big flock of rooks (150+) the rooks were again very vocal and agitated no obvious reason why.

Came across 12 yellowhammers in with a big group  of sparrows (70), greenfinh,chaffinch.
 Moving on I managed to startle a stunning Jay I know a lot of people are not so keen on this bird but they are very striking! Hilarious to watch the 15-20 moorhens running around in a muddy field.And a lone woodcock skulking around in the long grass.

Then moved onto another lesser known spot clagged in mud but hey ho..  siskin on the garden feeders (4) and then I noticed a (40+) flock of tufteds, looking further in the distance I watched 4 corvids harassing a very large buzzard (bigger than usual) two marsh harriers flew by and a young very large cormorant shot across the water big white stripe down its front.

Loads of pheasants long tailed, great and blue tits on the way back to the car.The light was now probably the worst it had been all day so I decided to spend the last hour in the GS hide.

Nice pintails (4) pochard (6-8) seem to be hanging around 2000+ BHG's with Herring Gulls mixed in 1 adult and 3 juvies.Teal and wigeon as ever grey lags mutes and canadas in big numbers. Whoopers (6) flew in and settled behind aughton church, Didn't see any bewicks and the waders were absent but tufteds were noted

Then shock of shocks the SUN came out for at least 8 minutes WOW the valley looks so different in full sun awesome.If only the big birder upstairs will let us have some more tomorrow!!

sorry no pics but light and distance prevented anything decent.


  1. Nice one on the woodcock, i've got some deciding on where to go at the weekend but think im off to the coast!

    1. cheers Andy nearly went to the coast myself let me know how you got on.