Sunday, 17 February 2013

Back to Basics..

Had a trip around a new patch of water today and made the decision to just take pics of whatever came into view. Not long before I was watching not one not two but three Buzzards calling above but so high up a picture was out of the question.

Loads of Gadwal but all too out of reach and then spent 10 minutes watching these two knocking the stuffing out of each other.

Rubbish pic but just for the record and all that.
 Had some cracking Goldeneye but again too distant for a decent pic.

 Tufted numbers were good and 100's of coots.

Great weather and light and as i have a few days off this week I will be back out tomorrow for more.

Thanks for viewing.


  1. Sunday was a good day for buzzards. Had 2-3 in the LDV and 5 in the air together where the Wheldrake road meets the main road to York

  2. Cheers Ken, Sunday was a good buzzard day do you think it was because its the best day for thermals we have had in a while? or just springtime behavior? Red Kites have been thin on the ground over here.