Saturday, 16 February 2013

Man Flu!!!!!

After several days of bad weather work issues and the dreaded manflu!!!!! (more on that later) i finally feel normal enough to get back on the wonderweb!!

Obviously only the male followers of this blog will appreciate the near death experience that is man flu! if only the other half of the species realized what we have to go through its just so unfair to us males.

Anyway after dusting of the keyboard i thought it as only fair that i get back to my ramblings about all things LDV.

Started off today with a wonder around the local patch post snow,ice and fog and was not disappointed with a very healthy fieldfare flock at least 30 birds then moved onto a mixed bag of finches and sparrows that included Reed bunting,Chaffinch,YellowHammer,Wren,Robin, Green finch.

Green finch is rapidly becoming a bit of a rare bird around here,

Yes! not a bird but i thought it helps me think that spring is on its way!!.

There is a marsh tit in here if you look hard enough.
And finally in the search for a late evening Barn Owl i stumbled across these two! also had a good size flock of whoopers and bewicks still around.

Sadly had to drive across York this afternoon and when I saw all the 500mm lenses I thought Kate Middleton was on her way, turned out to be 30-40 waxwings!!!
More to follow tomorrow. Promise.

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