Sunday, 3 February 2013

Its there if you look.....

 Not the most promising of starts dull grey day and a strong gusty wind made the derwent valley look more like a seaside resort.Had a walk over to the bridge where i had 14 waxwings flyover yesterday heading towards Market Weighton. Plenty of wigeon and teal and distant grey heron were noted.

Met up with AWBIRDER If you have not done so have a look at his cracking blog

we both noted a nice song thrush in the car park but the Egyptian geese that he had seen could not be spotted from the bridge.

I moved on and again was amazed at the huge numbers of wigeon and teal and the amount of water which in fact had gone down a couple of feet since yesterday.
cormorant flyby then off up the road.

Then got a call from awbirder to tell me to keep an eye out for goosander that had been spotted heading our way.No joy on that one so i moved on.

60+ whoopers and a black swan were noted in the distance.

Time to move on,so I headed back into the village and came across a flock of 60-80 rook rummaging around in the fields and a massive flock of woodpigeon 1000+

God knows how much food this lot eat in a day.
Nice views of yellowhammer and then an amazing thing a flock of 100+ chaffinch but all of them male not a single female!!! how odd!

Finally made it to the GS hide loads of wigeon teal lapwing with 6-7 ruff and dunlin mixed in huge female peregrine flew past and two kestrels were trying to find a meal.Had a walk down the path but could not get far as the water was well up but sadly did come across this poor thing no rings to id but it was well and truly caught up in the hawthorn shrubs.

long tailed tits and chaffinch were tucking into the new feeders and the robin and wren population were out in force.

Odd weather but if you look there's more out there than you think.

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